Business Support

Waitara has over 160 businesses and organisations within its wider boundaries that provide our community a place to work and live. Waitara Alive seeks to ensure that these businesses and organisations have access to current topics and information that inspires, motivates, and educates attendees. Whilst Waitara Alive is not in itself an expert in all fields, our mission is to engage with those that are.


Since mid-2019 Waitara Alive (in partnership with Tandem Group Chartered Accountants) has hosted a monthly business breakfast on a wide range of topics. We have had guest speakers on mental health in the workplace, health and safety information, post covid-19 de-brief, business communication and marketing, fraud, TET Funders, local property and much more.

Image: Jamie Allen speaks to local business owners about Taranaki Retreat, the services it offers, and mental health in the region.
Image: Jamie Allen speaks to local business owners about Taranaki Retreat, the services it offers, and mental health in the region.

Event Management

Waitara Alive has undertaken major events in the community.

Business Expo: An opportunity for Waitara Businesses (including tradies) and organisations to demonstrate their presence in Waitara and what they do. We will bring in expert speakers and demonstrators to present to Waitara Business owners and management, providing that inspiration for the next idea.

AmeriCARna: A major event for the Taranaki region, WA has enabled the event to take place within the Waitara township, bringing people from far and wide, into the township creating revenue opportunity for local business and a wonderful outing for the community.

12 Days of Christmas: An event to inspire people in Waitara to “shop local” the 12 days of Christmas was a shopper reward initiative that offered daily prizes to shoppers who bought at local, participating Waitara stores. This included marketing opportunities for local businesses via media platforms, with winners receiving their prize at the store they shopped at and having their photo taken and published.

information centre

There is a group in Waitara called the North Taranaki Community House which doubles as the town’s Information Centre.


They have rooms available for ad hoc and planned small occasions and projects some of which include; community hearing clinics, Time Bank (earning time credits, whilst giving to our community), Seed Bank collections, Food Bank collections, collecting old spectacles for overseas, Alzheimer’s support groups, games groups, knitting group and various other community activities.

Community Contribution

Waitara Alive believes in leading by example. We expect and ask our local businesses and organisations to support our community. Leading by example for Waitara Alive comes in the form of governance of Waitara Food Bank. The Trustees provide the governance to Food Bank out of their own time and resources; and the Trustees of Waitara Alive receive no honorarium.